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We at Millcon like to think differently. That’s why we started Millcon United. With inspiration from team sports, we created a working model that engages and helps our employees to feel better, both in their work and in private lives. The goal for the company is clear – we will reach top division. Our model is currently based on four steps.

You are a key player in our team

Anyone who may be a part of Millcon United, begins their career with a personality analysis. We focus on what is your S.U.N. (Strength, Unadulterated potential and Natural light). This is to find what makes you unique and important. It is an energy boost for you and your first time on the new job.

Our team will flourish through exercise, recovery and eating right

We train at work twice a week. From descending the stairs at Kvarntorpshögen to cycling around the MTB trails nearby. Through our app-based health program, we challenge each other to exercise and to eat right

We achieve success through a clear game plan

Just like in team sports, we can only achieve success by having clear rules on the playing field. We engage the entire staff in developing the company, to create a better, simpler and clearer workplace. Being involved in influencing one’s workplace is a key to being happy and feeling connected.

We take responsibility for each other through a winning culture

All emplyees are involved in discussing the values ​​and culture that the company should stand for. Today, the culture is characterized by team spirit, honesty and understanding. What value words we will be characterized in the future, is up to the staff.